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ON1418KNH on air in 2017.

The members of the VRA clubstation ON6KNH in Knokke-Heist will be operating
with the special callsign ON1418KNH from 01/06/2017 until 31/06/2017.
ON1418KNH will be on the air to commemorate the First World War.
We are qrv on all bands and all modes.
The special event award is for free, and you only need 1 contact with ON1418KNH
in the year 2016. All bands or modes are ok.
The award is also available for SWL station.
Fill out the form on this link http://www.onz.be/formulieren/on1418knh-award/
and we send it to you by email in pdf format
Any questions, feel free to contact us.
We are located in Knokke-Heist on the Northsea coast. loc: JO 11 PH - EPC nr: 24005
We prefer to handle the QSL via the VRA qsl buro.

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